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Volunteer Opportunities:

A committee member and parent leadership for boosting the robotics program.

The planning and managing of all fundraisers for the team, parent donations and corporate sponsorships.

The planning and coordinating of travel (car/bus/airfare/vans) for competitions.

Preparing or the planning and coordinating of all meals at competitions and Saturday build period.

Driver Forms: Parents driving student to and from competitions, events, robot demonstrations, and conventions.

Individuals working with team members to build and design a robot (CAD, mechanical design, machining, electronics, and programming), create a business plan, the branding of the team (animation, graphic and webpage design), team spirit, and so forth.
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Volunteer Clearance:

To obtain volunteer clearance to assist students in a supervised classroom setting Level 1 Clearance Application --
To obtain volunteer clearance to work unsupervised with students you must have Level 1 Clearance plus Level 2 Clearance Application